It happens every four years and today is "Leap Day" and it's a Leap Year. February 29th, do you know any "Leap Babies"? If today is your birthday ... Happy Birthday! If you are a "Leap Baby" do you usually celebrate on February 28th? or do you celebrate on March 1st?


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How did leap year originate history?

According to National Geographic, "To fix his culture's calendar, Roman emperor Julius Caesar created the Year of Confusion when he decided that the year 46 B.C. was going to be 445 days long instead of 365 days long. He then made a 365.25-day year—a tiny bit longer than the 365.2422 solar year—that added a leap day every fourth year."
According to USA Today, Here Are Today's Leap Day Deals!
  • Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin' Rewards members can get a $2 medium cinnamon vanilla coffee through the Dunkin' app and earn 4x points on all app orders on Feb. 29, the company told USA TODAY.
  • Wendy's: On leap day, Feb. 29, customers can get a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart at their local Wendy's restaurant during breakfast hours, while supplies last. Wendy's said customers can get one per vehicle in the drive thru or one per dining room transaction.
  • Chipotle: Chipotle told USA TODAY it is offering Rewards members a free side of guac on Thursday for orders placed online or via the app.
  • Burger King: From now through March 1, customers can get a free Whopper or Impossible Whopper from Burger King with a $3 or more purchase in the BK app, the company told USA TODAY.
  • Hooters: HootClub Rewards loyalty members with the app downloaded and a Hooters restaurant location favorited will receive an automatic reward to redeem for one select appetizer for $2.29 per loyalty account.


Enjoy your Leap Day Deals and if your having a Birthday today, share your Leap Day BDay Pics and post below. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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