I’m a couple of weeks away from my 44th anniversary at WOBM and because I won’t be here (which I’ll explain at a later date) I wanted to do a bit of early reflecting.  By the way this is what we do when we get older…I mean it’s not like I can look ahead to the next 44 years.

Anyway things were VERY different in 1979 which of course many of you don’t remember because you were either very young or not even born yet.  The studios and offices of the radio station were located off Route 9 in Bayville in a one-floor building that was not very impressive on the outside or the inside for that matter.

On my first day I was clearly overdressed as I learned that radio people and fashion do not go hand-in-hand, at least at that time.  On-air personalities chose tee-shirts and jeans on most days and the best-dressed were those in sales and in all honestly not much has changed.

Also on that first day I learned that if you want to be popular in the office bring food.  I arrived with two dozen donuts and half of them were gone before I even made it to the kitchen.  Some things never really change.

Giants Super Bowl hero Stephen Baker along with co-workers Doug Doyle & Matt DeVoti.
Giants Super Bowl hero Stephen Baker along with co-workers Doug Doyle & Matt DeVoti.

Listen the business that I was introduced to more than 40 years ago does not even resemble what it is today and I know that is true for many careers.  My job titles and responsibilities reflect that and I’ve outlasted enough managers and directors to fill several conference rooms.  The reason is simple…I know more than they did!

A bit early but Happy Anniversary to me.  Feel free to send cards and gifts to:

Kevin Williams                                                                                                                    WOBM                                                                                                                                8 Robbins Street                                                                                                                  Toms River, NJ   08753

Of course I'm kidding...or am I?

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