I know I know so many people that go to this beach town want me not to mention it. But, it is one of the cutest right here at the Jersey Shore.

According to worldatlas.com, this little town is one of the most underrated in New Jersey.

This little beach town is in Monmouth County just south of Asbury Park. This little town is adorable, peaceful, and always a great afternoon on the beach. The atmosphere in this Jersey Shore town is just perfect to me.

What Jersey Shore Town is one of the most underrated towns in New Jersey?

It is Ocean Grove. Home of the "tents" in the summer, The Great Auditorium, and beautiful soft sand. The Ocean Grove Victorian houses are gorgeous to look, all while enjoying a scoop of ice cream at one of their delicious ice cream shops.

lakovkalinin, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
lakovkalinin, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

When I was younger my aunt and uncle had a friend that lived in Spring Lake and we always loved Spring Lake. But, going there every summer we always went to Ocean Grove. It was always the most fun. How could this little town be one of the most underrated towns? Maybe, because it's a hidden gem of the Jersey Shore. It's a peaceful beach town.

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There is a lot to do around Ocean Grove with beach towns with more hustle and bustle. Asbury Park and Belmar are close by. Anyone you ask about Ocean Grove will say, it's a family-friendly town, and it's so true.

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