I always love bringing you great hiking opportunities and for years I have been bringing you my feature "Hiking New Jersey". This has been a labor of love as I bring you reviews, photos, and information on New Jersey's great hiking trails and parks. We even on occasion go out of Jersey and visit neighboring states and their great parks and trails "Hiking NJ and Beyond".  If you love to hike check out my series and see some of the great places we have hiked and maybe some ideas for you in the future.


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In an article from Only In Your State, they discuss a park in New Jersey that may be one of our most underrated parks in the state and you need to visit this location. It's Allamuchy Mountain State Park and it features a historic village and over 14 miles of hiking trails to enjoy.

"New Jersey has no shortage of beautiful state parks to visit, but some of them can fly under the radar a little bit. Allamuchy Mountain State Park, located in Allamuchy and Byram Townships, is one such example. The park has over 14 miles of marked trails and over 20 miles of unmarked trails in a tranquil wooded setting, but that’s not all it offers. Right within the park’s borders, you’ll also find Waterloo Village, a historic 19th-century canal town you can stroll through and imagine you’re stepping back into the past."


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Historic Waterloo Village is located at Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Stanhope, New Jersey. "Within the park, accessible from Waterloo Road in Stanhope, you'll find the Waterloo Village Historic Site. This restored 19th-century canal town represents life as it was in the 1800s."


Have you ever hiked Allamuchy Mountain State Park? This is now on my list, give us your review if you have.


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