What's cool? So many things. And, in New Jersey I think they're are so many things that make the Garden State cool.

National Geographic recently put out their top 30 destinations that are really cool.

I think New Jersey's cool for the boardwalks, beaches, museums, cute small towns, pizza and fries, and so much more. We are cool in New Jersey.

Did New Jersey make the 2024 cool list?

Nope, no where in New Jersey. We have some great towns here in New Jersey, that I feel should've made the list.

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I understand, lots on the list are cool like Norway, Italy, Ireland, and so many more. Miami, FL made the list. Texas made the list because it was a great spot for seeing the 2024 Solar Eclipse last week. I get it, I just think New Jersey should have made the list.

According to cnn.com, National Geographic just released the top 30 coolest spots on earth.

The entire list of the cool places from cnntravel:

• Albanian Alps, Albania
• Belfast, Northern Ireland
• Emilia-Romagna, Italy
• Europe by train
• Galloway and Southern Ayrshire, Scotland
• Nordland, Norway
• North Yorkshire, England
• Pompeii, Italy
• Saimaa, Finland
• Tartu, Estonia
• The Euros, Germany
• Valletta, Malta
• Whisky in Wales
• Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
• Atacama Desert, Chile
• Lima, Peru
• New York State
• Miami, Florida
• Dominica
• Nova Scotia, Canada
• Texas
• Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
• Ibera Wetlands, Argentina
• Akagera, Rwanda
• Andrefana Dry Forests, Madagascar
• Sierra Leone
• Sikkim, India
• Tainan, Taiwan
• Xi’an, China
• Victoria, Australia

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