There are so many different grocery stores to choose from in New Jersey. But, I know you have your one favorite you probably always go to.

It's your go-to grocery store. I know I do. And, if you're anything like me, you're there every week.

Finding the best prices and which grocery store is the best can be a tough task.

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The three cheapest might surprise you, Costco did not make the list. But, Costco is of course, a buy in bulk store, so that's a little different. Those prices are a bit more because of the bulk.

I have friends that love to buy in bulk at Costco or BJ's, I don't usually.

Thanks to BravoDeal, a site that compiles discount codes, coupons, and offers for online shoppers for different grocery stores throughout the country.

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The most purchased grocery items are, these are not a surprise, eggs, milk, eggs, chicken, frozen pizza, and laundry detergent. But, where can I get the cheapest eggs? That's the big question.

What are the 3 cheapest grocery stores in New Jersey?

#1 - Aldi - Crowned America's most affordable grocery store. BravoDeal says Aldi has the cheapest prices for bread and the cheapest egg prices.

#2 - Lidl -  Lidl, an average weekly cost of $54.24. BravoDeal said that the retailer had the most affordable frozen pizza.

#3 - Trader Joe's -  an average weekly cost of $60.58. BravoDeal specifically cited the chain's competitive prices for a loaf of white bread ($1.99) and crunchy peanut butter ($2.49).

Rounding out the top 5 cheapest grocery stores is Walmart and Target.

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