For the most part college basketball is only relevant to the masses once a year and that is of course during the NCAA Tournament.  Even then only a relatively small percentage of the population pays attention to what is known as “March Madness.” Of course much of the interest is connected to the many pools that are run by offices, groups of friends and family and the like.  There is usually a financial component and an entry fee of anywhere from $5 to $500 and even larger.

The most popular pools involve filling out bracket sheets and those who think they know what they’re doing usually have the highest-ranked teams advancing far into the tournament.  Meanwhile you have others who know nothing and will make their picks based on school nickname, colors and the like.  This year those are the people who have the best chance of collecting money at the end.

I have followed the tournament closely since the early 70’s and while not nearly the college hoops fan I used to be did some homework before entering the various bracket pools I played in.  Turns out I know nothing.

The wildest, most unpredictable, dramatic, upset-filled tournament ever has basically left me on the sidelines.  I had one hope left in a family and friends pool my son ran that has 38 participants.  If Kansas State and Texas had won over the weekend I had a pretty good shot to win it all.  Of course they both lost and I’m finished.

Yes the smart guys loved Alabama, Houston, Kansas, Purdue, Arizona and the like.  They are all gone and what is left is a foursome of Florida Atlantic, San Diego State, Miami and Connecticut.  The UConn Huskies have been a premier team for quite a while but the other three are more connected to beaches than basketball.

So when your pool is won by somebody who does not know the difference between a three-point play and three-point shot you’ll understand why.  Again it’s called “March Madness.”

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