This information could save your belongings, and potentially, your life.

TikTok is known for primarily being an entertainment app (and for causing some trouble with unsafe challenges).   But, every now and then, it drops a useful nugget of information, like the video from Jamie Nyland I'm going to share with you.

Before I go into the details of the video, I wanted to let you know I did some research on the matter since you can't always believe everything you see on TikTok.  Other websites have confirmed this is true.

The video showed a bunch of strange chalk markings outside of a home.  Honestly, these markings look like they can be innocent symbols for utility workers doing work on the streets.   But, they should be taken seriously.

These harmless lookng symbols are actually codes for burglars.  The video showed 6 of them that all mean something different: everything from "alarmed," to "vulnerable female."  The symbol meaning "alarmed" actually looked familiar to me.

The video's narrator urged that if you see any of these symbols outside your home, you need to call for help, because this means burglars are scouting your home.

An article from Litmor also warns that spotting unusual traffic outside your home, solicitation scams, missing bulbs on any lights near your home, and damage done to your home security system might be more signs your house is being marked.

Your home is supposed to be your safe space.  It's very scary to think that someone could be watching you at any time, but videos like the one below are helpful to keep you protected!

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