Uh oh, another scam to watch out for, when will this stop?

This one comes from the Brick Police Department.

The police warn that if you get a call from the police department think twice before giving out any information.

What are the latest scams in Brick Township and other Jersey Shore towns?

Thanks to the patch.com, for these latest scams to watch out for:

Gift Card Scam: Be wary when someone wants to give you payment in a gift card.

Email Scams: These suspicious emails requestion personal information come to my inbox every day. Please do not give out any information without checking with the company first. DO NOT click on any links in your email, unless you are sure you know who they are sending you the link.

Grandparent Scams: A Grandparent scam is so sad to hear, because usually it's a fake story about the family and pretending someone is in distress from the family. And, the number of phone calls the older generation gets through out the day, it's unbelievable. I remember when my Mom was alive, our family would say, please don't talk to these people that are calling. It was so hard for her to understand, it was so sad.

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What can I do to keep safe from scams?

Do not give out any information to anybody, unless you know for sure it is the real and right company asking you for information. Call the company and ask them if they sent you an email or called you.

Change your passwords to your email and other accounts, often.

Keep your computer and phone updated with the latest software update with the latest security for your devices.

Also, they warn please do not give out your full name, date of birth, bank account information or social security. I know it sounds so simple but we're all guilty of sometimes giving out information but I think we're more aware these days.

If you feel you are being scammed or if you have a concern about a scam, contact the Brick Police Department.

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