There is a brand new flavor in Southern New Jersey and if you are looking for Argentinian food, then look no further than a new eatery in Ocean County to fill that void.


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Empanadas Kristina Tripkovic



What is an Empanada?

According to the Farmers Almanac, "Empanadas are a Spanish or Latin-American pastry turnover filled with savory ingredients that are either baked or fried." Empanadas are delicious and have a nice savory taste. They kind of remind me of perogies, but are filled with meats as opposed to just potato.


Empanadas Delfina Iacub


There is a brand new Argentine empanada eatery that has opened in Tuckerton. It's called Lokotas Argentine Empanadas and from the few times, I have driven by I see lots of customers in the shop.


Shawn Michaels


Here are a few comments on Facebook

"Just had the empenadas this morning. They were amazing the flavor of the beef , spicy chicken and spicy chorizo were so good and the garlicky oil provided was also great . Highly recommend!" ~ Joanna

"OMG!! SOOOO GOOD!! The Cuban and the Guava and Cheese are my favs so far!! Everything is DELICIOUS!!" ~ Suzee

"We were there today everything was so good! We will be back! Congrats on your business venture, wishing you much success!" ~ Tara


Shawn Michaels


Lokotas is located in Downtown Tuckerton on Route 9 and North Green Street, next to the Dynasty Diner. If you are looking for a different type of taste why not try out Lokotas Argentine Empanadas?


Shawn Michaels


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