In a recent article, I read from, they did the number one "hole in the wall" restaurant in each state in the US.

It's crazy to see so many "hole in the wall" restaurants that are truly delicious.

I remember growing up in Pennsylvania and there were so many of these little restaurants that I just loved and they would have the most delicious food.

American Melts is New Jersey's "hole in the wall" restaurant. It's located in Kenilworth. What makes this "little" restaurant special is what is inside this tiny space. And guess what it's all about, grilled cheese.

robynmac, Getty Images
robynmac, Getty Images

American Melts has a grilled cheese bar. That means you build your own perfect grilled cheese. Building your own grilled cheese with options like bacon, American cheese, pickles, and more. You can also choose the bread or a donut to put your American cheese on.

From the American Melts Facebook page:

I love grilled cheese and when I go to a diner, it's my go-to all the time. I can only imagine a build-my-own grilled cheese bar.

When we think about the little, delicious restaurants in Ocean County that are absolutely delicious, I can think of a couple. These places are tiny and look like they can only fit two families in the restaurant, but the food is to die for.

These hole-in-the-box restaurants usually have the best burgers and pancakes.

American Melts is located at 515 Springfield Road in Kenilworth, NJ.

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