We have so many lists, best burgers, best pizza, best fries, best beach, and everything else. But when it comes to schools, I like this list in the Garden State.

A good education, every state in the US wants to have a good education system. We owe it to our students. It's about the real skills to thrive in our changing world.

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A well-balanced education is crucial for kids of all ages here in America.

How does New Jersey rank in education?

New Jersey is second on the list of the states with the best school systems, according to a new study from usnews.com.

The education data from the National Center for Education Statistics were ranked with factors such as academics, a student to teacher ratio, etc.

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We all know how teachers can change a child's life. There were so many wonderful teachers in my life. And, with my daughter who is getting ready to graduate high school, her teachers have been incredible in Berkeley Township School District and Central Regional School District.

According to teachsimple.com:

New Jersey places second on the list, taking a score of 69.19. New Jersey scored 10 in multiple categories; the average score in Grade 8 being 269.78 for reading and 175.33 for writing, the rate of students possessing firearms being just 0.43%, and the public expenditure on student support, food services, and transportation at $3,625 per pupil.

This is a list to be proud of New Jersey. We are number two in education just behind Florida. That's awesome. I think our teachers do an amazing job and "thank you" for all you do for our kids all day and everyday.

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