So often we see stories that outline the "worst". Whether it is food, politics, money, etc. it's nice to see a list of the "best" and that's what Love Exploring did when they put together this list of the most charming small towns in America. These are the types of places you would love to raise a family in, vacation in, or maybe even retire in. It's the type of town we want to live in, in the United States. Are they disappearing? No but you may have to look just a little harder these days to find them.


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Beach Matt Artz



I have lived here in New Jersey my entire life and I love the Garden State. For a small state, we have several different looks that you can have if that's what you want. Want a beachfront town, we have it at the Jersey Shore. Want forest we have the Pinelands. Like urban (city) skylines, we have many. Are you looking for small towns or larger municipalities, well there are many options. So as you can see, New Jersey does have a lot of options. So what about Jersey's "most charming small town"? This is not an easy one, but Love Exploring put together the "Best of America" and for us, in the Garden State we have to head to the beach.


Cape May Dan Mall



Love Exploring chose the beautiful shore town of Cape May as our "most charming small town" in New Jersey. "A stroll along the seafront is a must-do when visiting this charming coastal city, which has a population of around 4,000. Admired for its pristine beaches, the waterfront is also lined with pretty, colorful Victorian buildings. The preservation of these eye-catching structures helped the city earn its title of National Historic Landmark in 1976."


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