Super Bowl Sunday is the national holiday that does not come with a day off even though more than 17 million people will miss work on Monday, some taking the day off while others will call in sick.  Whether they come into the office or work from home many will turn their computer on late or bail on the day early as it’s said that distractions and absences will cost employers over $4 billion.  Super Bowl LVIII (that’s 58) matches the defending champion  Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers with Sunday’s game kicking off at 6:30pm from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.  For the Chiefs it is their fourth trip to the big game in five years, winning it in 2020 and 23 and losing in 2021.  Meanwhile the 49ers are back for the first time losing to Kansas City five years ago.

House parties will be huge this year especially when you throw in all the families who will also be celebrating Taylor Swift. They and others will consume favorites like chicken wings, pizza, nachos, pigs in a blanket, subs, chips and more.  It will be washed down with over 50 million cases of beer and many will start the next day with a package of Rolaids.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
Taylor Swift cheering on Travis Swift
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If you’re like me it’s really all about the game but non-football fans are more interested in the commercials and Usher’s halftime show.  I like the commercials and will use halftime to go to the bathroom and get more food.  Once again the game will be the most watched TV program of the year by far with as many as 120 million expected to tune in to CBS and streaming platforms.  They’ll see Patrick Mahomes, Brock Purdy and Swift, every time Travis Kelce does anything.

As for the game itself.  I’m burned out on the Chiefs but Mahomes is once again the difference and they win 27-23.

Enjoy the game!

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