🚨A New Jersey Man Gets Himself Into A REAL Pickle🚨

Yes, this story has become a big "dill" (Pun Intended) around the nation as a man filmed himself dunking himself into a pickle barrel and it landed this New Jersey man in trouble. It's the "pickle predicament".


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Unsplash.com Drew Geraets



It appears a New Jersey man was filming himself for a possible social media video stunt and he entered a Heritage Store in Glassboro South Jersey and proceeded to dunk his head in a pickle barrel. The problem is his stunt ruined an entire vat of pickles for the store owner, who had to throw the food out due to concerns of contamination from the man's head. Obviously, the store owners were not laughing at this stunt because it cost them money!



So there is an update to the "pickle predicament". According to a Patch article the man responsible for "bobbing for pickles" has turned himself in to authorities. I definitely think the "Pickle Monster" should be held responsible for paying for the lost inventory. Maybe even have the "Pickle Perp" clean their parking lot or something along those lines to teach the "Pickle Prankster" a lesson. Kids do not try this type of stunt, it's never good to destroy someone else's property. There was no word from authorities who the "Pickle Guy" is or if he faces any charges.

🚨What do YOU think the penalty should be? What type of pickle punishment do you recommend? Post your pickle punishments below.🚨


Unsplash.com Jonathan Pielmayer


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