Since this is my first segment since July 17th you might expect I would update you on my current health condition.  If this was any other day but September 11th that’s what I would do but I’ll hold that until tomorrow.

9/11 is a sacred date for many of us just like December 7th was for our grandparents or in some cases parents.  If you’re around 30 or older you certainly remember where you were when you heard that planes had hit the towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. On a pristine late summer morning everything seemed to come to a stop as we gathered in front of TV’s or if you were driving your radio.

We went from shock to scared because other developments in Washington D.C. and a grassy field in Pennsylvania led us to wonder what was next.  Later our eyes were glued to pictures and video of the exhausting and mostly fruitless search for survivors on the mountains of rubble where once the North and South Towers stood high in the sky.

Eventually most of us moved on caught up in our daily lifestyles but each September 11th we are reminded of the nearly 3,000 people who died that day and the many since due to post-9/11 illnesses, including 43 names added this week by the New York City Fire Department to its World Trade Center Memorial Wall.

May they all rest in peace and may we never forget.

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