Living right off of Rt. 9 in Berkeley Township is crazy busy most times. It's always backed up and it's always tough making a left onto Rt. 9 at any intersection unless there's a traffic light.

I was visiting a friend around 3:30 p.m. and it must have taken me about 15 minutes to turn left on Rt. 9. The same with making a left at Buckley Lane at Rt. 9. So, I was thinking, let's talk about some of the worst intersections here in Ocean County in each town.

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It's something we all have to deal with, especially in the summer. But it's not just the summer. Our roads are packed with or without summer traffic. Summer traffic just brings on the extra stress, something we don't need.

anyaberkut, getty images
anyaberkut, getty images

I put together a list of intersections I think are some of the worst, but I need your help adding to my list. What is the worst intersection in Ocean County? I received emails from several of you for the list of the absolute worst. I would love to add to the list. It all depends on where you live and what roads you have to travel every day.

What town do you live in? Do you drive Rt. 9, Rt. 37, or the Parkway every day? Where do you get stuck behind cars or the traffic light every day that's just annoying? Maybe there are some of these intersections that you never travel on and you're thinking, they can't be that bad.

Let's add to the list of "Worst Intersections" in Ocean County. What's your absolute worst intersection in Ocean County?

9 Absolutely Worst Intersections in Ocean County, NJ

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