Someone's wallet just got a whole lot heavier.

Summer is coming up.  Vacations, parties, and home renovations are on the brain.  The economy has been a mess with inflation over the past year.  Now would be a great time to win the lottery, right?

That's a reality for one lucky person in Toms River, who is holding a $51,107 winning ticket!  Money like that could be put towards a new car, pay off some student loans or a mortgage, or even fill your gas tank for quite a while.

This winning lottery ticket was a Fast Play Game, which seems to be different than the normal winning number situations.   According to the NJ Lottery's website:

Fast Play Progressive is a series of games that offers quick play play styles and are printed on demand from the Lottery terminal. Every Fast Play Progressive game contributes to ONE Progressive Jackpot.

It seems like luck was really on this person's side!   That's not a bad way to make a quick $51 grand (before taxes, of course).

I know you're dying to know where the winning ticket was purchased.  And, I'm willing to bet it's a place you've been to before since it's right in our backyard in Toms River.

The $51,107 winning FastPlay New Jersey Lottery ticket was sold at...

Silverton Pharmacy at 1824 Hooper Ave!

Congratulations to the winner, and to the store!  I did some research and found out that NJ Lottery retailers who sell winning tickets earn a 1.25% payout for all prizes up to $600.00.

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