Have you gone to any of your high school class reunions?  Depending on your age you might have had one at 10 and 25 years or something in between.  I graduated from Central Regional High School in 1973 and we actually had our first reunion at five years which I have no recollection of but I do think I attended.  I do remember our 10th which was at the Old Time Tavern in Toms River which is long gone and we had a 25th at the Captain’s Inn in Forked River which I remember being a lot of fun.

So why do I bring this up.  At none of those celebrations do I remember having conversations with former classmates about a 50th reunion because who could even imagine that.  Well guess what?  On Saturday, October 14th Central’s Class of 73 will indeed have a 50th reunion and once again it will be at the Captain’s Inn. A couple of things come to mind and that is how many classmates will I recognize and of course how many will recognize me?  Some people have been posting pictures from our high school days and I can’t believe all the names I don’t even remember.  I better know them at the reunion because I have agreed to serve as the MC for the night which goes back to my senior year when I was voted “Class Big Mouth.”

attachment-Class of 1973


Frankly I can’t believe I have gotten to this point which in a way is a good thing because there are many classmates who have left us all too soon.  I’m sure I will have some good stories and pictures and by the way I was the youngest person in my class having turned 17 just four months before graduation.

 If you know anyone who was in Central’s Class of 1973 let them know that we would love to have them at the reunion on October 14 (6-10pm).  There will be a buffet, cash bar and music and plenty of stories about current health conditions. For more information email Liz Hutler at hutlerliz@aol.com

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