Hopefully, you do some type of recycling in your home or business, no matter which route you go if we all do our part it all adds up and helps with the overall clean-up of our towns. Personally, I think the elimination of those plastic bags at stores in New Jersey was a good move. Using "reusable" bags isn't hard and we have cut way own on the litter from the plastic bags. I have a couple in each car and those are the only ones I use, I do not purchase a new bag every time I shop.


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A reusable bag from the NJ Food Council campaign.
A reusable bag from the NJ Food Council campaign.



I have always maintained that we have way too much packaging in the products we buy. There is plastic inside cardboard with styrofoam and bubble wrap etc. Every time I purchase something it has several layers of packaging and then I have to wonder if that packaging is recyclable.


Bubble Wrap
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3 Things You Can’t Recycle In New Jersey ♻️

Did you know that these three very common "packaging" items are NOT recyclable here in the Garden State? Let's fill you in, so there is no confusion. These 3 are not to go into your recycle can:


  • Bubblewrap

  • Plastic Air Pillows

  • Styrofoam



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I did not know you can't recycle plastic air pillows, bubble wrap, and styrofoam. We aren't perfect when it comes to recycling, but if we all try it helps. I learned something looking into this article, hope you did too :)


Unsplash.com Alexandra Tran


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