2 new offshore wind farms have been approved in New Jersey off the coast of Ocean and Monmouth Counties … The two new wind farms — Attentive Energy’s proposal and Leading Light Wind — are expected to come online in 2031 and 2032, according to the NJ Board of Public Utilities.


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Offshore Wind Mills
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According to NJ.com, "Contracts for the two new projects — combined with a third already approved by the state — will mean New Jersey is still on course to add enough power for more than a million homes in the next seven years or so despite two wind farms falling through in the fall."


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According to APNews "both the projects chosen by the state Board of Public Utilities would be considerably farther offshore than earlier projects that generated significant opposition from onshore communities, one of whose concerns was that the turbines would be visible on the horizon from the beach." Will this new proposal be accepted by Jersey Shore towns and beachgoers? Only time will tell. If you live in coastal Monmouth and/or Ocean County do you feel better about the windmills being further offshore? What about sea life?


Wind Farm
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According to WHYY, "The winning proposals include Invenergy Energy’s Leading Light Wind, a 2,400-megawatt project about 47 miles off the coast of Atlantic City. It is expected to be completed in two phases by 2031 and 2032. Invenergy is the first U.S. company awarded a contract to build a utility scale offshore wind project. Attentive Energy, a joint venture of the French company Total Energy and Corio Generation, will build a 1,342-megawatt project about 42 miles off the coast of Seaside Heights."



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How do you feel about the proposed Jersey Shore wind farms?



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