Being single sucks. That’s what my friends tell me. We've poured too many glasses of red wine and over-analyzed too many near misses to think any different. Toss in the dynamic of COVID, and now it's not only about finding the right match, it is about affording to go out in the first place. Thanks, inflation thanks a lot.

The average date costs about $100 and if you really want to put yourself out there you can spend at least an extra car payment a month trying to find your other half.

The numbers don’t lie, over 50% of people on the planet are either divorced or straight up have never been married. So what is the problem? Well, a recent study from WalletHub shows that it is easier to be single in some states than in others.

Source: WalletHub


Best Cities for Singles From Best To Worst

1 Seattle, WA
2 Madison, WI
3 Denver, CO
4 San Francisco, CA
5 Portland, OR
6 Minneapolis, MN
7 Austin, TX
8 Honolulu, HI
9 San Diego, CA
10 Atlanta, GA
11 Las Vegas, NV
12 Tempe, AZ
13 Reno, NV
14 Tucson, AZ
15 Boise, ID
16 Rapid City, SD
17 Missoula, MT
18 Pittsburgh, PA
19 Colorado Springs, CO
20 Manchester, NH
21 Portland, ME
22 Las Cruces, NM
23 Fargo, ND
24 Phoenix, AZ
25 Burlington, VT
26 Orlando, FL
27 Columbia, SC
28 Cincinnati, OH
29 Tampa, FL
30 Lincoln, NE
31 Wilmington, DE
32 Los Angeles, CA
33 Columbus, OH
34 Chicago, IL
34 Tacoma, WA
36 Chandler, AZ
37 St. Paul, MN
38 Salt Lake City, UT
39 Miami, FL
40 Boston, MA
41 Cedar Rapids, IA
42 Rochester, NY
43 Grand Rapids, MI
44 San Jose, CA
45 St. Louis, MO
46 West Valley City, UT
47 Fort Lauderdale, FL
48 Richmond, VA
49 Worcester, MA
50 Sioux Falls, SD
51 Albuquerque, NM
52 Knoxville, TN
53 Garden Grove, CA
54 Glendale, AZ
55 Anchorage, AK
56 Tallahassee, FL
57 Lubbock, TX
58 Scottsdale, AZ
59 Des Moines, IA
60 Huntington Beach, CA
61 Juneau, AK
62 Omaha, NE
63 Jersey City, NJ
64 Fayetteville, NC
65 El Paso, TX
66 Fontana, CA
67 Mesa, AZ
68 Cheyenne, WY
69 Houston, TX
70 Washington, DC
71 Spokane, WA
72 Pearl City, HI
73 Salem, OR
74 Wichita, KS
75 Ontario, CA
76 Aurora, CO
77 Raleigh, NC
78 Long Beach, CA
79 Lexington-Fayette,
80 Nashua, NH
81 New Orleans, LA
82 Norfolk, VA
83 San Antonio, TX
84 Providence, RI
85 Buffalo, NY
86 Riverside, CA
87 Dallas, TX
88 Charleston, SC
89 Philadelphia, PA
90 Cleveland, OH
91 Oxnard, CA
92 St. Petersburg, FL
93 Santa Ana, CA
94 Corpus Christi, TX
95 Sacramento, CA
96 Oklahoma City, OK
97 Nampa, ID
98 Milwaukee, WI
99 San Bernardino, CA
100 New Haven, CT
101 Irvine, CA
102 Gilbert, AZ
103 Nashville, TN
104 Fort Worth, TX
105 Springfield, MO
106 Virginia Beach, VA
107 Billings, MT
108 Fresno, CA
109 Bismarck, ND
110 Augusta, GA
111 Oakland, CA
112 Vancouver, WA
113 Irving, TX
114 Overland Park, KS
115 Toledo, OH
116 Charlotte, NC
117 Jacksonville, FL
118 Anaheim, CA
119 Santa Clarita, CA
120 Oceanside, CA
121 Tulsa, OK
122 Kansas City, MO
123 Aurora, IL
124 Huntsville, AL
125 Bakersfield, CA
126 North Las Vegas, NV
127 Akron, OH
128 Louisville, KY
129 Baton Rouge, LA
130 Chula Vista, CA
131 Indianapolis, IN
132 Amarillo, TX
133 Plano, TX
134 Moreno Valley, CA
135 Fort Wayne, IN
136 Stockton, CA
137 Fremont, CA
138 Baltimore, MD
139 Detroit, MI
140 Henderson, NV
141 Newark, NJ
142 Arlington, TX
143 Bridgeport, CT
144 Lewiston, ME
145 Durham, NC
146 Casper, WY
147 South Burlington, VT
148 Gulfport, MS
149 Mobile, AL
150 Huntington, WV
151 New York, NY
152 Modesto, CA
153 Columbus, GA
154 Garland, TX
155 Cape Coral, FL
156 Peoria, AZ
157 Birmingham, AL
158 Charleston, WV
159 Chattanooga, TN
160 Laredo, TX
161 Newport News, VA
162 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
163 Chesapeake, VA
164 Greensboro, NC
165 Grand Prairie, TX
166 Yonkers, NY
167 Port St. Lucie, FL
168 Jackson, MS
169 Little Rock, AR
170 Pembroke Pines, FL
171 Memphis, TN
172 Santa Rosa, CA
173 Montgomery, AL
174 Columbia, MD
175 Dover, DE
176 Winston-Salem, NC
177 Shreveport, LA
178 Fort Smith, AR
179 Hialeah, FL
180 Brownsville, TX
181 Glendale, CA
182 Warwick, RI

I have to be the voice of hope right now.  New Jersey is right in the middle on this list so there's that.  In addition, I have a friend in her 40's who never found her person.  She thought she did but realized that she had to start over.

Guess what?  That fresh start got her a new man, and the huge family she always wanted.  She just had a baby with him a year ago and now they are a happy family of 7.  You never know what or who is waiting for you on the other side of the door.  Keep going, keep praying and keep putting yourself out there even if you have to use a Groupon on that date.


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