UPDATE:  The average driver spends 58.6 hours a year waiting at red traffic lights.  Over the average lifespan of 70 years, that is a total of 4,102 hours or 171 days. I have a traffic hack that will give you that time back.  You’re welcome.

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If you did not read about this epic traffic light hack you have read all about it below!  I just had to update you, I made it a point to drive to two different traffic lights, one in Toms River and one in Brick to test out this hack.  In the first scenario, there was oncoming traffic at the light that I needed to stop for.  I waited for the cars to safely pass then I did the hack with fingers crossed.  I quickly double flashed my brights at the light and it instantly turned green!  Wahoo!  I felt so powerful!  Then on two other lights, there was no one coming and I double flashed my high beams and it worked on those too!  I did this hack on three different lights and it worked on all three.  


I got messages from Tiffany in Brielle and Mark in Tuckerton and they both said that they have done this for years.  I’m so excited to bring you this info.  Consider this your birthday, Christmas, and Groundhog Day gift all rolled into one, I just added 171 days back to your life.  Here are the hack details that will change the game:

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In Jersey, we are almost always in a rush.  We are always looking for a way to keep our bodies and our cars in motion.  We have to deal with traffic because we are in one of the most populated states in the country but what we don’t have to deal with is a prolonged red light. Yep, there’s a hack for that.


We love life hacks.  That is why we go down a rabbit hole watching them on social media and Bored Panda with our eyes glazed over. Removing a strawberry stem with a drinking straw?  Excellent.  Wrapping a wet paper towel around your beer and putting it in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it ice cold in a fraction of the time?  Love it.  Using a pants hanger to hold up your cooking book for hands-free help?  Now, you're just showing off.

These are all great but how about a hack we can use to diffuse the Jersey frustration that comes along with waiting too long at a red light?  There is a reason that happens and there is a way to bypass it.  Let’s see how well I know you.  You are at a traffic light and it literally seems painted red.  What do you do next?  You inch your car forward because you think there is some sort of sensor.  If that doesn’t work you roll back a bit for the same reason. That is not the hack, I’ll tell you right now.

You are close though, the sensor is the key element here. Apparently, newer traffic lights have sensors on the top of the cameras.  You probably thought they were cameras when you flicked them off but that was in vain.  These sensors are supposed to detect your arrival and activate the light to change once clear.  Sometimes they just don’t change; this is where the hack comes in.  When you are at a standstill red light, try flashing your high beams at the light.  This works on sensor lights because the reason they are not changing is that they get dirty and the high beams can cut through the crud to say “I’m here!”.

Try it the next time you are parked at the red light that is not acknowledging your existence or the fact that you have to get to your kid’s soccer game five minutes ago.  I’m interested to see if this works for you so email me after you try it!  Shannon.holly@townsquaremedia.com.  Now go show off and tell somebody about your newfound superpower.

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