Well, this is some sobering news.  Over 11 thousand people die every year from drunk driving accidents.  There is nothing more selfish than drinking and getting behind the wheel.  Where does New Jersey fall on the list of states for the likelihood to drive drunk? 

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

I was not in New Jersey when it happened, but I was once hit by a drunk driver.  My husband had to have back surgery as a result and it was terrifying. Our friends Manny and Wendi were with us and we were driving home at night when a truck with its lights off was speeding down the road.  He rear-ended us going at least 65 mph because he fell asleep at the wheel.  He was drunk and we were hurt.  I don't wish that on anybody.

We should be proud of ourselves that here in Jersey we were ranked the least likely to drive while intoxicated.

Forbes Advisor did a survey of the most likely states to drive drunk and we came in last (in this case coming in last is a good thing).  

New Jersey tied with the District of Columbia for the fewest people killed in crashes involving drunk drivers.  Of course, friends don’t let friends drive drunk and New Jersey was also on the list of the most likely states to stop someone from driving drunk.  

Along those lines, if you are celebrating the holidays in Brick Township, beware.  Brick will be on the hunt for impaired drivers with extra patrols.  The township just received an extra 7K dollars in grants for the additional patrols lasting through January 1st.

There are still dangers on the road in our state.  Here is a list of the most dangerous roads in New Jersey.

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