The COVID-19 Pandemic was one of the worst years we've had in a while and we are still struggling with some of the after effects.

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However, there is a small silver lining: there were a lot of new things that came out of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Google Maps
Google Maps

People started working remotely, utilizing contactless delivery and even created new outdoor attractions so businesses could survive despite the indoor restrictions.

One of those popular attractions is still thriving to this day.

Are you familiar with Red Bank's Broadwalk?

According to, it is being described as, "a sprawling pedestrian plaza that mimicked the style and allure of many European old cities."

The term "Broadwalk" comes from combining the terms, "Broad Street" and "Boardwalk" for a new twist on your typical Jersey Shore boardwalk! Get it?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Traffic is closed off on Broad Street between White and Front streets so as you explore, you will see restaurants, outdoor and indoor dining options, beautiful lights and decorations and tons of shops.

Usually, the Broadwalk only remains open from April/May until the end of August

However, we just received some exciting news via

Red Bank's Broadwalk has been given an extension and can remain operational for another month! It will now be open until Sunday, October 2nd.

At this point, I think we can consider this Broadwalk to be a permanent annual attraction that is putting Red Bank on the map.

Google Maps
Google Maps

From here, I only hope it continues to expand and grow!

I wonder if we will be given another extension in 2022 because walking outside during the Fall season is heavenly.

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