New Jersey is one of the oldest states in the nation, and our history is an incredibly rich one. Do you know the oldest town in New Jersey?

We love to dig into the Garden State history books and learn as much as we can about the amazing history of New Jersey. One of the basics is which town in the state is considered the oldest.

The Answer Wasn't Hard To Find

For this, we didn't have to head into damp basements or open dusty books to find the answer. We had to visit one of America's most well-known and beloved sites.

The people at Redbook have already done the research. They have listed the oldest town in every state in America, so which one holds the crown in the Garden State? That title belongs to Newark.

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It's a town that the Puritans founded, and it had its beginning over 100 years before the U.S.A was the U.S.A. Imagine that. This town was around for over a century before the United States was officially a thing.

Newark Wasn't The Original Name

Originally the town was known as Pesayak Towne, but before you think it might be Passaic your final answer, keep reading a bit.

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The name changed to New Milford but ultimately settled in on the name it is now known as. It was back in 1666 when the Puritans purchased what is now known as Newark from the Delaware Indians.

There are so many amazing things to learn about a town near and dear to the hearts of many New Jersey residents.

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