If you and your partner want a quick bite, your favorite grille or chain restaurant will always be available.

Then, there are date nights. These are the dinners where you wear closed-toed shoes and dress up a little.

Keeping that spark alive can be difficult because we all lead busy lives.

Whether your schedules don't match or finding a babysitter for the kids is tough, having a date night can seem nearly impossible sometimes.

It is, however, essential.


When did you last sit at a table, not a booth, and enjoy a fancy meal with nice silverware and a tablecloth? Has it been a minute?

It's time to take a few hours, sip some wine, and enjoy uninterrupted quality time with your partner.

Foodie website Love Food traveled the country to find the best restaurant for a date night in every state.

Their choice for New Jersey is a popular spot with phenomenal views.

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Welcome to Chart House in Weehawken.

Can you imagine what a window-side table at this place is like?

Dining outside is also an option; the perfect weather is right around the corner.

Here's what Love Food had to say about Chart House:

<a href="https://www.chart-house.com/location/chart-house-weehawken-nj/" target="_blank">Chart House</a> is definitely on the posh (read: pricey) side, although it’s worth it for its luxurious ambiance (and, of course, those vistas). The menu is dominated by impeccably prepared surf ‘n’ turf dishes while, for dessert, it has to be the lava cake.


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