We have great nightlife in many towns in New Jersey, but would most New Jersey residents rather spend a quiet night at home?

We have so many great things we could be doing here in the Garden State when the work day or work week is done.

Would New Jersey Rather Hit The Town Or Stay At Home?

We are home to amazing places like Asbury Park, Hoboken, and the legendary Atlantic City. And the Jersey Shore in the summer is one of America's great hotspots.

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The thing is, we work very hard in New Jersey, we have family responsibilities, and frankly, we get tired.

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That brings up a compelling question. Would we rather hit the town in the Garden State, or spend a nice evening at home?

The Results Are A Little Surprising

That is the exact question we asked New Jersey residents across several social media platforms, and the results are in.

If given the choice between a night out or a night in, 58% of New Jersey residents would rather have a nice quiet night in their home.

The reason many people cited was their energy level. After accomplishing everything on their schedule, they want to sit for a minute and have nothing to do.

Many New Jersey residents said it depended on the kind of day they had, or what specific town it was, but 3 out of 5 folks in the Garden State are content with the couch, a movie, and a pet or two.

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