We are fortunate to live in a beautiful state like New Jersey, but did you ever wonder which county travel experts say is the most beautiful in the whole state?

Determining the most beautiful county in New Jersey is a pretty tall task, even for a major outlet like Love Exploring.

New Jersey Has Beautiful Counties All Over The State

Just think about all the beautiful places in our great state, and also consider the different types of beauty New Jersey is so proud to have.

Before we get to that, we want to tell you that the honor of the most beautiful county in New Jersey belongs to Cape May, but that is far from the only great county in the Garden State.

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We have the amazing Jersey Shore with some of our country's most amazing beaches and boardwalks.

Cape May Is Not The Only Beautiful New Jersey County

We also have some of the most amazing parks in the entire nation, and the mountains of North Jersey are breathtaking.

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Monmouth, Warren, Ocean, Sussex, and a dozen other counties could have easily taken this honor as well.

Cape May County was chosen this time as the most beautiful county in the entire state, and it's no surprise. It's the home of one of the state's most adorable and storied towns, Cape May, and there is so much more to this gorgeous county.

The amazing thing about Cape May County is that there is no one season for the area. It is beautiful in many different ways all year long.

Some Of New Jersey's Most Beautiful Spots

Some of the most beautiful places in New Jersey.

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