There is a lot of history here in New Jersey, but a major publication believes one Garden State place is more historic than the rest.

New Jersey is where many people travel for some amazing and historic spots, but if you're looking for a taste of the Jersey Shore and a dash of history, one of America's most well-respected publications may have the answer.

New Jersey's Most Historic Town

The folks at Reader's Digest put together a list of the most historic places in each state. And the one they chose might not be the first one you think of.

The experts there chose the amazing Sandy Hook Lighthouse as New Jersey's most historic spot.

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Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the home of the oldest working lighthouse in America. It has been lighting the sky since 1764, a full dozen years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

How Many Steps To The Top Of The Sandy Hook Lighthouse?

You should be ready to get your steps in to make the trek to the top. There are 95 of them before you even get to the iron ladder.

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Sandy Hook Lighthouse is a great choice for the most historic spot in New Jersey, but another lighthouse might have been your first guess for this honor. It was ours.

We thought for sure Cape May Lighthouse was going to be the one that got this honor. It has more steps, 199, but the calendar is on the side of Sandy Hook. Cape May Lighthouse is nearly 100 years younger.

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