The sounds, the lights, the prizes, the thrill!

Step right up and test your skills at any of the classic boardwalk games like balloon pop, frog bog, Skee-Ball, and ring toss, just to name a few, for your chance to win big prizes!

What's your favorite boardwalk game?

Even though I never win, you do see people holding those giant stuffed animals walking on the boardwalk making every other child extremely jealous as parents continue to pay more and more money for a chance to win one for their kid.

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I asked on social media, "What is your favorite boardwalk game?" and got a lot of great responses, but there was one game mentioned over and over again that was the clear favorite!

It also happens to be my favorite too!

It's been around for more than a century and was invented right here in New Jersey. Here's what you said...

What is your favorite boardwalk game?

1.) "Whack a mole or any water shooting a balloon game! Lol"

2.) "Skeeball #1 and those fun claw machines. Pinball if I see one to play."

3.) "Sponge Bob & Skee Ball & any wheel game!"

4.) "Skeeball, Frogger, and the water balloon pistols"

5.) "Roll A Bingo!!!"

6.) "Skeeball and the frog hitter one."

7.) "Candy wheel!"

8.) "Candy wheel"

9.) "Skeeball"

10.) "The original skeeball."

11.) "Skeeball"

12.) "Skeeball!!"

As you can see, Skee-Ball is the big winner!!

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Skee-Ball first appeared on the New Jersey boardwalk in 1908 and it was created by Joseph Fourestier Simpson from Vineland, New Jersey.

What's your Skee-Ball strategy? I say bounce the ball off the side walls!

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