New Jersey's reputation for loving coffee took a major hit when recent data was released. Our ranking for consumption is going to surprise you.

Most of us believe that New Jersey couldn't function without coffee. Start your day in the Garden State without coffee at your own risk, right?

We Don't Drink As Much Coffee As We Think

The way we talk about coffee in New Jersey, you would swear we invented it here and we drink twice as much as anyone else on the planet.

However, according to recent research, the truth about New Jersey's coffee consumption proves the opposite.

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When the numbers were crunched, New Jersey was among the states with the lowest coffee consumption in the nation.

The Data Is Bound To Surprise You

You may need to sit down with a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte to soak in what you're about to learn.

The data, according to Balance Coffee, claims the average New Jersey resident drinks 1.45 cups of coffee per day, making the Garden State the 4th lowest consumer of coffee in America.

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Only Minnesota, Utah, and Arizona drink less. The state with the highest average per day is Michigan, with 2.52 cups per day.

This Theory May Explain The Whole Thing

This information is hard to swallow in a state where coffee drive-thru lines often wrap around the corner.

We do have a theory that may explain the whole thing. It could be that New Jersey residents are in love with coffee, but it might just be the first cup of the day that we are so in love with. It's just a theory.

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