New Jersey has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to roller coasters, with two in our state being named among the best in the world.

Being named the best roller coaster in New Jersey. Being named among the best in the nation is outstanding, but being named among the best in the world is downright prestigious.

New Jersey Is The Coaster Capital Of The World

So, here are the two coasters from our state that are among the absolute best roller coasters in the world, according to this major publication.

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Kingda Ka. It's the tallest roller coaster in the world, so of course it's going to be on the list. It's also reportedly the fastest coaster in America.  If you want the numbers, it's 456 ft and reaches speeds of 128 mph.

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Jersey Devil. This amazing ride has 3000 feet of track and features a 130-foot drop. It's finally been confirmed. The Jersey Devil is real, after all.

The Honor Comes From A Respected Source

The source is one of the most respected and revered travel publications ever. We're talking about Travel & Leisure.

With all the amazing roller coasters in the world, it is amazing that they chose 2 from right here in the Garden State, and the list only consists of 19 coasters.

Of course, Six Flags Great Adventure is home to all of the honored coasters on this list that call New Jersey home. I am not a coaster guy, and the legendary Log Flume at Great Adventure is the fastest I'll go, but I can appreciate a coaster lover's passion for these amazing rides.

We didn't want to do the math, but with two New Jersey coasters making the list of the top 19 in the world, that means approximately 11% of the best roller coasters on the planet are right here in the Garden State. Congratulations to us.

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