Do you think we should switch to a four-day work week in America?

It's a fair question. This has been a longstanding debate for years and those in support of the change say that employees are more productive with a healthy work life balance.

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According to, there is a Chick-fil-A manager who is pushing this new theory to the next level.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

His name is Justin Lindsay and he owns a Chick-fil-A down in Florida. He does allow his, "employees to work the equivalent of a full 40-hour week in just three days, with four days off."

"They could plan their life around it — they could plan vacation, child care, school," said Lindsey according to "I wanted them to be able to look out six months from now and know what days they were going to work."

If you are hesitant about this idea, I get it.

In broadcasting, for example, there are a different sets of talent on the air during the week as opposed to the weekends.

grinvalds ThinkStock
grinvalds ThinkStock

I am not sure how something like this would be altered with a three-day work week but it is worth exploring because this experiment has been beyond successful down in Florida.

This Chick-fil-A location has had an influx in applications, employees have been able to travel back to their home country and some have even earned a degree while maintaining their full-time status.

Would working 14 hour days three days in a row be too much?

Whenever I have a day like this coming up, I have to mentally prepare for it.

But nurses work this type of schedule on a regular basis and they seem to be doing just fine.

I have seen headlines about companies switching to even just a 4-day work week and productivity went through the roof.

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For example, a brewery out in the UK shortened their work week and they saw insane results.

We work to live. We do not live to work and that is something that I think has gone by the wayside a bit.

What are your thoughts on shortening the work week in New Jersey? I want to hear both sides so whether you agree or disagree, email me at

Maybe happier employees is the answer to a strong work environment and successful business.

It's worth a shot, don't you think?

This isn't the only aspect of work culture that is being debated in America these days.

What do you think?

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