Have you ever gone somewhere and been immediately drawn to something?

For example, have you ever been to Chicago and been enamored by the big reflective bean they have in Millenium Park?

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Or, have you ever been to Colorado and couldn't take your eyes off the Rocky Mountains?

Most places have something that they are uniquely known for and the same is true for Toms River.

The very first time I visited Toms River was two years ago when my wife and I were looking to move to the area.

Photo Credit: google Maps
Photo Credit: google Maps

It was an overcast day, drizzling, and both of us were not exactly happy to be apartment hunting in those conditions.

However, driving through downtown Toms River we spotted a riverboat and ended up stopping to watch it cruise down Toms River for a bit while we took a break.

Ever since then, I've always thought the River Lady in Toms River was one of the coolest attractions in Toms River.

What I didn't know however was that the River Lady is municipally owned, and goes up for public bidding every few years.

That was the case last week according to Shorebeat, and after some discussion, it looks as though the River Lady will be docked in Toms River for at least another ten years!

Thanks to a 131-thousand-dollar bid, Toms River's River Lady will continue to provide our community with dinner cruises, historical cruises, and sunset cruises.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Shorebeat reports the new term for the River Lady will begin on July 8th, 2024, and will remain in Toms River until 2034 when its contract is once again up for bidding.

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