Dining in New Jersey means one thing; options upon options.

And it's all great, which makes it tough!

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You can get amazing Italian, fresh seafood, unbelievable pizza, and sushi, and our diners are second to none.

You can even get a one-pound mozzarella stick that'll blow your mind, more on that cheesy goodness right here. 

But did you know that New Jersey is also home to one of the oldest restaurants in the entire country?

NJ's Oldest Restaurant Is One Of the Oldes In The Entire Country

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Jersey's been around since the revolutionary era, so it's no surprise that when 24/7 Tempo ranked the oldest restaurants in the country a place in Jersey makes the list.

Rumor has it too, the restaurant is haunted as well!

This place started off as a Stage Coach Inn for travelers on the road from New York to Philadelphia and opened in 1780.

It wasn't until 1930 that a formal dining area was added and it could be called an actual restaurant.

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Located in Cranbury New Jersey, the famous Cranbury Inn is not only one of Jersey's oldest restaurants but one of the oldest in America.

Although if you go to eat there today, it has some pretty modern fare.

Burgers, bar pies, plant-based dishes, chicken sandwiches, and seafood line the menu and it all looks pretty delicious.

They even have a separate lunch and dinner menu and a kid's menu.

And if you're curious, one of the oldest restaurants in America is in Rhode Island; The White Horse Tavern which opened in 1673.

Jersey's had a lot of restaurants over the years, here are some of the ones we miss the most.

Restaurants that closed in New Jersey During 2023

Here are some of the restaurants that closed their doors around New Jersey in 2023 listed alphabetically. Did your favorite restaurant close in 2023? Contact reporter Dan Alexander at Dan.Alexander@townsquaremedia.com.

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander