It seems as though recently there's been a big push around Jersey to breathe some fresh life into our malls.

I remember back in the day going to the mall on a Friday night or on a Saturday was a huge deal.

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It was a can't miss social event; walking around for hours with friends, grabbing food at the food court, and avoiding mall security.

Nowadays malls are struggling to afloat but because of that, it's caused a lot of malls to build up and expand to try and become busier.

For example, the Monmouth Mall is building luxury apartments and is opening a new food store to attract new business.

Photo by Daniel Brubaker on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Brubaker on Unsplash

Check out more on the changes at Monmouth Mall right here. 

The Ocean County Mall is also making some pretty big changes in order to keep drumming up new business by adding 5 new stores.

What 5 New Stores Are Coming To The Ocean County Mall?

A few weeks ago I told you about the Honeygrow that's coming to the mall, that's one of the 5 new stores.

Honeygrow is known for stir fry, salads, a honey bar, and other healthy options, read more on Ocean County's first Honeygrow right here. 

The other four stores coming to the Ocean County Mall are Co-Cool Smoothie and Bubble Tea, JD Sports, Lovisa, and Glitter and Glam, according to Patch.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Co-Cool Bubble Tea is known for fresh and natural smoothies, teas, milkshakes, bubble teas, and fruit-flavored teas.

JD Sports, as the name implies is an active wear store that specializes in shoes.

Lovisa is a new jewelry store coming to the Ocean County Mall, and Glitter and Glam is a spa designed for kids' birthday parties.

There aren't any dates in particular for any of these stores to open, but it'll be interesting to see if they bring some new business to the Ocean County Mall.

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