There are a lot of fun little quirks when you're living in Jersey.

For example, it's the only state where you still aren't allowed to pump your own gas; some people love that fact, and others hate it.

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We're also known for having some pretty fun, unique, and quirky little towns.

Like Margate which has a massive elephant museum that sits in the middle of town just feet from the beach.

Her name is Lucy and we love her.

Lucy The Elephant
Photo Credit: Google Maps

However, there's one town in Jersey that's getting kudos for being the quirkiest town in the state, and it's something you wear with a badge of honor!

Now Jersey has a lot of fun quirky towns like Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Frenchtown, and a slew of others.

But do all of those towns have dinosaurs? Do they have cars on the roofs of buildings?

No, probably not.

But one does, and it's located in the heart of the Jersey Shore!

Bayville, NJ Is Being Called New Jersey's Quirkiest Town

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Bayville is a fun town to visit.

It has a close proximity to the iconic Jersey Shore but also has its own hidden gems like the Berkley Shores; a small little beach area that meets the legendary Barnegat Bay.

But according to Patch, what makes Bayville quirky is all the fun things you'll see driving down Route 9.

Photo by Art Markiv on Unsplash
Photo by Art Markiv on Unsplash

I know I've almost rear-ended someone while staring at these roadside delights.

For example, there's Bud The Bayville Dinosaur.

According to Roadside America parts of this dinosaur are nearly 100 years old and is a beloved figure on Route 9.

Bud the bayville dinosaur, route 9 dinosaur, bayville dinosaur
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Another local icon that adds to the quirkiness of Bayville is the car on the roof.

Specifically the Tow Truck on the roof of Ocean County Auto Parts.

It's been there as long as I can remember and is always fun to drive past.

tow truck on the roof bayville nj
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Patch reports other fun sights to see include a giant Champagne bottle and of course, there are fun stores like the Vinyl Dinosaur that you have to check out.

If you live in Bayville, do you agree it's Jersy's quirkiest town? Or do you have another town in mind that beats it?

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