One of the best parts of New Jersey is of course all of the great unique little towns.

They give Jersey such a fun personality that it makes it hard to want to live anywhere else.

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For example, you can spend a day getting lost in Asbury Park; from catching a show at the Stone Pony to walking the beach, to wandering down Bangs Avenue and Cookman Street grabbing lunch and window shopping.

Jersey is home to many great little towns, but according to World Atlas, these are the 8 most adorable small towns in Jersey you must visit.

#8. Avon By The Sea

Avon By The Sea, quaint new jersey towns, best small new jersey towns
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You could spend a day enjoying amazing water views in Avon By The Sea, from the Shark River to the Atlantic Ocean it's breathtaking.

Plus, the town hosts year-round events so there's always something to do!

#7. Cranbury

If you're a history buff, then you'll want to spend some time in Cranbury.

Nestled in the woods of Middlesex County this town was key during the Revolutionary War and is one of the best-preserved colonial towns in the state according to World Atlas.

It's also home to one of the most haunted Inns in the state of New Jersey.

cranbury inn, haunted inns in new jersey, most haunted new jersey locations
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Learn more on that right here. 

#6. Frenchtown

With a. quaint downtown and huge festivals throughout the year a trip to Frenchtown is a day well spent.

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It's also a great spot for hiking seeing how the Deleware and Raritan Canal State Park trails begin there.

#5. Lambertville

Regularly voted as one of NJ's best small towns, it made World Atlas's list of adorable small towns due to its location to the canal and unique architecture.

lambertville new jersey, good antiquing places in new jersey
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It's also a great place to do some antiquing! 

#4. Princeton

Known for Princetown University, the Princeton Record Exchange, and an amazing little College town it's no surprise Priceton is on this list.

It's also home to the Bent Spoon, which was voted as one of the best ice cream shops on the planet.

#3. Red Bank

What's not to love about Red Bank?

red bnk nj, main street red bank nj
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It has a vibrant live music scene, tons of great little shops, and a thriving art scene.

It's easy to get lost here for a day.

#2. Spring Lake

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This serene beach town is a no-brainer for being on this list.

What makes it unique is that it's one of the few spots in Jersey with a 'naked' boardwalk, according to World Atlas.

Keep your pants on by the way, that just means it's one of the few boardwalks without any shops, games, or rides. Just great views.

spring lake nj, naked boardwalk nj, where is spring lake
Photo Credit: Google Maps

#1. West Cape May

And it may not come as any surprise that at the top of this list is of course Cape May.

Specifically West Cape May.

From small boutiques to great antiquing to more unique experiences like the Lima Bean Festival, getting lost in NJ's most adorable small town is an easy thing to do.

So, did your favorite NJ town make the cut? Or do we need to expand the list?

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