Music is one of the few great joys in life, and in New Jersey, we've got music everywhere!

Whether it's a cover band on the boardwalk, a show at the Stone Pony, or getting a lawn seat at the PNC Bank Arts Center the Garden State is full of music!

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Seeing how some of the biggest names in music grew up in Jersey, it's not surprising, right?

From Bon Jovi to Zakk Wylde to Frank Sinatra, Jersey is known far and wide for producing some big names in the music world.

And of course, you can't talk about famous Jersey musicians without mentioning the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen.

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Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Bruce Springsteen's Child Hood Music Store Is Closing Its Doors For Good

Whether it was his go-to music store, or just a store he took lessons at as a kid from time to time doesn't really matter.

It's a place where Bruce Springsteen took lessons at one point in his life, and that should be enough to put this place in the New Jersey Historical Society.

But according to the Daily Voice, confirmed by the store's Facebook page, it appears the Freehold Music Store is closing its doors for good.

The Freehold Music Store got its start in 1951 selling pianos and accordions and has evolved alongside its owner J. Michael Diehl over the past 73 years.

A huge outpouring of support grew in the comment section of the post with people sharing memories of either taking lessons there, buying their first instrument from there, or just their love for the store.

Bruce mentioned the store and its owner J. Michael Diehl in a 2021 segment on the Sirius XM Channel the E Street Band saying how he used to take lessons at the store.

Freehold music store closing, freehold music store, when does the freehold music store close
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Freehold Music Center will close for good on February 29th of this year.

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