So how often have you wanted to head to the beach over the summer, but decided you couldn't because you didn't want to leave your dog home alone for a while?

If your dog is anything like my family dog Max, being alone for an extended period of time makes them anxious and upset.

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Now, in the summer time at the height of tourist season taking your dog to the beach is pretty much out of the question.

However, now that the summer season is coming to an end, a lot of beaches around Jersey have started to allow dogs on the beach.

And there's nothing more fun than seeing a happy dog running around the beach.

Photo by sophie peng on Unsplash
Photo by sophie peng on Unsplash

For example, Barnegat Light Beach and Beach Haven Doggy Bay allow dogs to roam the beach between October 1st and April 15th, according to the Shore News Network.

On those beaches though, your dog does have to remain on a leash.

However, you also have beaches like Longport Dog Beach in Little Egg Harbor Township which allows dogs, unleashed, to enjoy the beach year-round.

That beach also doesn't have a fee so it's the perfect beach day for you and your four-legged friend.

The off-season at the Jersey Shore does open a lot of fun activities on the beach for dogs and people alike.

For example, Casino Pier is hosting its Pups and Pints event on October 1st where dogs will be allowed to take over Casino Pier for a few hours.

Photo by Sadie Jensen on Unsplash
Photo by Sadie Jensen on Unsplash

You can read more on Casino Pier's Pups and Pints event here.

So are you ready to take your dog to the beach? Here's the list of all of Jersey's dog-friendly beaches to enjoy in the off-season.

New Jersey's Best Dog Friendly Beaches In 2023

According to Shore News Network, these are the best dog-friendly beaches you can visit during the off-season at the Jersey Shore! Please note municipalities may change rules, so always be sure to double-check the town websites before you take your dog out to the beach!