Store closings in Jersey have become more and more commonplace and it's not something we want to see.

Walgreens announced that they're closing stores nationwide in the near future, and with over 100 stores in the Garden State, I wouldn't be surprised if we felt the effects.

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More on the Walgreens closures here. 

Stop and Shop also announced it'll be closing some underperforming stores across New Jersey as well.

Now, another nationwide retailer has announced that they're closing all their stores including the only New Jersey location.

Bob's Stores Is Closing Its Locations Across The Country

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If you're not familiar with Bob's, because I wasn't until I moved to Jersey, it's a discount retailer that sells clothing, home goods, and other odds and ends.

They've been in business, serving local communities throughout the country for the past 7 decades, but that'll all come to an end in the near future.

The only location in Jersey, for now, is located in the Freehold Raceway Mall.

Sadly, according to, Bob's Stores filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will begin to sell off and liquidate its remaining inventory across the country.

Bob's Stores Former Location On Trotters Way. Photo Credit Google Maps
Bob's Stores Former Location On Trotters Way. Photo Credit Google Maps

All Bob's Stores are selling their inventory for an astonishing 30 to 70 percent off as part of a going-out-of-business sale.

Bob's Stores has had a long history in Jersey and their absence in Freehold will definitely be missed as they move forward with their closures.

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