More fantastic game show news for New Jersey this November. The "Wheel Of Fortune LIVE!" road tour is coming to the Great Garden State this November, and yes, you may have a chance to spin the wheel.

Season 41 of the syndicated nighttime version kicked off in September with much fanfare. This season's kick-off was also significant as it marked the beginning of the last season to be hosted by Pat Sajak.

Beginning in 2024, Ryan Seacrest will be taking over the popular game show with Vanna White remaining at the puzzle board. And although the syndicated version does travel from time to time, it can't make it to every point in the country.

That's where Wheel Of Fortune LIVE! comes in. Think of it as the travel version of America's Game, but without the need for an audition to get on the show or the need of having to leave your home state.

Wheel Of Fortune
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What's really cool about the road version is how they pick the contestants. As long as you're in the audience, you have a shot of being selected to play the game.

Even better? You get to spin a version of the famous wheel. Even more, you might also have a shot at some great prizes to be won.

According to, some of the prizes may include "trips to destinations like Paris and Hawaii or up to $10,000 in cash." How awesome is that?

But even if you don't want to be on stage, it's just as much watching while being a part of the audience. And right now, those of us in New Jersey have an opportunity to be a part of the action.

Wheel Of Fortune
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Before we go on the dates that the roadshow will be in New Jersey, it's important to point out that this particular show isn't on live television. It also doesn't feature Pat or Vanna as the hosts since they're busy with the taped and televised version of the game.

However, the tour hosts are certainly just as capable of bringing all the excitement to you. According to, the "touring hosts for the 2023 tour are hosts Mark L. Walberg and Bob Goen."

With that said, it's guaranteed to be a ton of fun. And, it's very interactive. But this November is also the only time the road tour will be stopping in New Jersey for the remainder of 2023, so don't miss out if you'd like to go.

The live interactive stage game is around 90 to 120 minutes long with intermission. Here are the details of the two shows coming to New Jersey this fall.

Tour stop #1
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Stop #1 - Red Bank

The first stop in New Jersey of the Wheel Of Fortune Road Tour will be at the Count Basie Center for the Arts. Details for this show are below.

Tour stop #2
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Stop # 2 - Englewood

The second stop in New Jersey of the Wheel Of Fortune Road Tour will be at the Bergen PAC. Details for this show are below.

Wheel Of Fortune LIVE! tour in NJ
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