It's just one of those things we go through every year at the Jersey Shore. Once the summer season arrives, we can no longer wander onto our beaches during the day without having to purchase a beach badge.

Now yes, there are some exceptions out there. Wildwood and Sandy Hook are among them, but you still have to pay for parking.

Yet, paying for parking is more common in many parts of the country when visiting the beach. But the beach badges for public access are one of the things that make us unique.

And quite clearly, paying for a beach tag isn't a deterrent whatsoever for the millions who visit the Jersey Shore every summer. But, are they really worth it?

Town officials naturally would argue that yes, they are. They'll claim it's to help maintain the beaches and keep things orderly.

Of course, many locals in the area may call foul on that excuse. And who could blame them? They're the ones who pay the taxes in those beach towns but are also still charged extra in the summer.

Before we get into an argument as to why we should do away with the beach badges once and for all, let's first look at one particular reason why we might actually want to keep them in place. Is it possible beach badges help keep unwanted individuals off the beach?

beach badges
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Unwanted individuals on the beach

More specifically, those who head to the coast specifically to cause problems. Those particular individuals can make their way to the boardwalk without having to pay for entry.

But to pay anything to enter the beach and then cause issues? It's less likely. Those looking to specifically ruin it for others probably don't want to pay money to do so.

That, in turn, can help control the crowds from getting too rowdy once on the sand. It's certainly looking at beach badges through a different lens, that's for sure.


More controlled

Now of course that doesn't mean troublemakers won't still make their way onto the beach, because some will. But if they're stopped at the entry points to make that tag purchase, the odds are better that they won't bother.

Definitely a different take when it comes to supporting New Jersey's beach badges. But of course, there is a flip side to everything.

Here's a look at an opposing argument to beach tags in New Jersey, most of which so many would probably agree with (plus another twist that looks at why we might be to blame for the tags in the first place).

Why Beach Tags Should Never Be Allowed In New Jersey

Plus why you might be part of the reason badges may never go away.

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