Driving around Jersey, you know there's a ton of stuff that ticks you off, but high-beam abuse?

That's the ultimate annoyance.

It's not just about being annoying, it’s like facing a mini torture session when those high-beams blind you on the road.


I mean, come on! You can’t see a thing. Not the road, not the cars in front. And slowing down or stopping until the blazing light passes? Yeah, that’s a thing, and it's as annoying as it sounds.

And let's be real, it’s not like you can avoid driving at night just to avoid this. That's not how life works.

Those high-beams are the problem.

High-beams are like that trusty buddy on dark, deserted roads, giving you the superpower of clear sight.

But here's where things go haywire.


Some folks just don't get when to flick those high-beams on and off. They're meant for those off-the-grid, dimly lit roads, not for blinding the entire neighborhood on a well-lit street.

It’s like so many in NJ forget the basic rules, aiming for better vision but forgetting about common courtesy.

It ends up annoying everyone else on the road. Not knowing when to use high-beams changes them from a handy tool to a headache for fellow drivers.


Wouldn’t you like to throw all of these offenders in jail? Well, you can’t. Police officers cannot pull over motorists merely for driving with their high-beams on.

In 2016, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that such traffic stops violate the right to privacy. So cops can't even pull you over just for improperly using high-beams.

That little blue light on your dashboard? It's high time to figure out what it’s trying to tell you.

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