Autumn is officially here in New Jersey, and what a kick-off to the season it was. The first day of fall arrived with beautiful weather and temperatures mainly in the 60s. Although that won't remain a constant throughout this roller coaster of a season, what will be with us for a while are fall activities.

Whether you want to hit up the pumpkin patch, pick a few apples at the orchards, or try to get in a last-minute beach day, the fall season in New Jersey is full of activities to enjoy as we head toward the rush of the holidays.

One of my personal favorite things to do is go on some really long hikes around The Garden State. And if my wife and twin sons are in the mood to join me? Even better.

Now as our kids get older, what they want to do for fun each season also changes. Currently, my boys are seven years old, and on the first day of Fall, I decided to ask them what their favorite Jersey fall activity is.

Could it be heading out to see a football game? Or maybe just hanging out with their friends? Well, my kids did answer, and I have to say, I'm not too surprised by their responses. Here's what they had to say.

Owen's favorite fall activity in New Jersey is...

Enjoy the orchards!
Mike Brant - Townsquare Media

Climbing Apple Trees

Yep, not picking the apples, but climbing the trees. Kind of reasonable for a seven-year-old to say.

And to be honest? I'm not completely opposed. If he can get in there and get those hard-to-reach apples, then why not? We'll go home and make some apple pie. Not to mention we're enjoying the great fall weather. What's not to love?

Now that we know we'll be hitting the apple orchards, I asked my other son the same question. But the answer he gave wasn't what I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I do endorse it.

Jake's favorite fall activity in New Jersey is...

Jens Schlueter
Jens Schlueter

Playing Video Games

As digital activities become more of the norm, this answer was bound to come up at some point. My kids have been getting into playing more computer games this past year, and so have their friends. (Minecraft, anyone?)

In my opinion, this is a better activity for a really hot summer day or a really cold winter day. You know, those days you just want to stay inside because the weather's just too intense?

To be fair, this was a pop-up question I asked them and these were the first answers they gave that were activities. But for each of them, I could promise that both activities will be done throughout the fall months.

Carol Hamilton
Carol Hamilton

Since those were their answers, we have to go with it as the favorite official fall things to do in New Jersey. And let's be honest, aren't most kids going to do both activities at some point this season? I know I climbed trees a lot as a kid, as well as broke out the amazing Super Nintendo games. And you know what? Both activities were a blast.

So whether you're into pumpkin patches, or catching a football game, or going on hikes, let's put that aside for a minute. If you had to choose one of the activities my sons mentioned, which would you go with?

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