Everyone loves a good day down the shore. You start off the day at the beach, you sit, you tan, you play some games, swim in the ocean. Then once everyone is tired out you head home, get a nice shower and eat dinner.

But after that? It’s time to head to the Boardwalk.

One of my favorite boardwalks in New Jersey is the Wildwood boardwalk. Many would argue that it’s the best because of its rides, games and just how it goes on forever.

But I believe Wildwood is the best because of a few stores that are on the boardwalk. Fame and What Goes On.

FAME in Wildwood/ Jordan Jansson/Townsquare Media
FAME in Wildwood/ Jordan Jansson/Townsquare Media

The two stores offer a great selection of Rock and Roll T-shirts, posters, records and more.

For a long time, there have been rumors that these shops are owned by the same people, but they are not. They are independently owned shops both offering an outstanding selection of memorabilia and merchandise.

I love visiting What Goes On and thumbing through the vinyls they offer. I almost always find a record to buy, either a reprint or an original.

What Goes On in Wildwood via Google Maps
What Goes On in Wildwood via Google Maps

And what I love about Fame is that all of their T-shirts on selection are sorted by artist/band, which makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.

Fame is easily noticeable on the boardwalk, it’s a hot pink shop and on one side of the store you can see a neon Steal Your Face sign lit up in the window. It's right near to the dog park that’s on the beach.

What Goes On is a bit harder to find but it’s close to Adventure Pier.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story should have said the stores are not under the same ownership. 

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