Thanksgiving doesn't have to be all about the meal — or meals — you enjoy with friends and family on the fourth Thursday of November.

It can actually be an event, or the opportunity for a vacation — after all, you're probably getting a four-day weekend, right?

Some towns just have a knack for giving off that Thanksgiving vibe of comfort, warmth, and autumn.

And one of those spots is apparently in New Jersey. A Garden State municipality has made it on to Country Living's list of the 35 best Thanksgiving towns in America.

It represents New Jersey quite well, ranking at No. 3 on the list of towns that "go big on Turkey Day charm."

The New Jersey city was beaten out only by Charlottesville, Virginia (No. 1), and Hermann, Missouri (No. 2).

NJ's best town for Thanksgiving

According to Country Living, the third-best Thanksgiving town in the country is Lambertville, a city in Hunterdon County.

Downtown Lambertville (Google Maps)
Downtown Lambertville (Google Maps)

From the Country Living post:

"Also known as “The Antiques Capital of New Jersey,” this former factory town is now a flourishing country outpost for antiques and the arts — and a postcard-perfect home base for small-town hopping along the Delaware River."

The listing highlights the Acme Screening Room, an art house cinema, as well as Black Shed, a 28-acre garden center that also runs a full bar on the weekends.

Acme Screening Center, Lambertville (Google Maps)
Acme Screening Center, Lambertville (Google Maps)

There are also a few areas on Country Living's "Thanksgiving town" list that are within a one-to-three-hour drive for New Jersey residents.

The No. 9 spot belongs to Hawley, Pennsylvania, in the Poconos. New York City is listed at No. 13, mainly for being the location of the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Oaks, Pennsylvania comes in at No. 34 — there's an ice rink, as well as an annual "rock record & CD show."

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