I know what you might be thinking. An effortless gift? Why in the world would your mother want something involving little effort? And if you're a mom, why would you want that?

Almost sounds like a slap in the face for all the sacrifices she made for us. But yet, that's exactly what this poll suggests... to an extent.

Before we dive into it, let's first clear the air that even though this gift is effortless in nature, it is by no means a free pass to skimp on giving Mom the day she deserves. Think about all she does to keep our lives in check.

She deserves to have this day any way she wants. And although this poll might not exactly align with what your mom wants (or if you are a mom, something you want), it is something every single one of them deserves.

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Again, think about everything moms do for us in life. Don't you think they should have at least one day to themselves and not have to worry about anything else?

Having an effortless and lazy day where the family puts in the effort is exactly what this poll suggests Mom truly wants for Mother's Day. Now no, it doesn't mean skip the flowers and chocolate.

But it does mean she should get a break on top of everything else. According to a 2023 poll conducted by OnePoll that involved 2,000 moms, 58% of them said they just simply want to be able to  "drop everything" and have free time to themselves.

Mother's Day

Why effortless

Of those 58%, the biggest reasons cited for wanting an effortless day were due to work and household chores. And although the family may not be able to do much about work, they certainly can when it comes to chores.

So for this Mother's Day, pitch in and help her out. The best effort you can give her is a gift where she has to give no effort at all.

Simply put, most moms just want that quality time for themselves that they otherwise couldn't get most any other time. And whether that quality time means alone or with the family, it's her choice... give it to her (along with the flowers and chocolate, of course).

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