Ah yes, the marshmallow peeps. Who doesn't love a good peep during Easter?

In fact, marshmallow peeps also spring up during other holidays as well, such as Christmas. But Easter is when they really come out in full force.

So it shouldn't come as any surprise that marshmallow chicks have a surge in sales as the Easter season approaches. That surge especially ramps up during the last couple of weeks leading into Easter Sunday.

Aside from marshmallow chicks, jelly beans are another popular Easter favorite that sees a surge. And although both candies are found year-round, they're most associated side-by-side with the Easter Bunny.

Cute little bunny sleeping in the basket and easter eggs in the meadow

When looking at the states that see the biggest surge in sales leading up to Easter Sunday, it shouldn't come as any surprise that New Jersey makes the cut.

Not only are marshmallow chicks popular in The Garden State, but the surge of sales leading up to the holiday ranks us within the top 5 across the nation. But, did New Jersey make number one?

And along with marshmallow chicks, where do jelly beans see the biggest surge? Let's dig a little deeper into both of these Easter staples and find out.

Jelly bean vs marchmallow chick - See where each Easter staple is most popular

According to a survey conducted by Instacart in 2021, These are the top-5 states that see the biggest surge of marshmallow chicks and jelly bean sales within a two-week period heading into Easter Sunday.

Yup, New Jersey leads the nation when it comes to the sales of marshmallow chicks heading into Easter. What's even more surprising is that The Garden State didn't even make the top-5 when it comes to jelly bean sales, despite being number one with marshmallow chicks.

But before you read too deeply into it, this survey conducted by Instacart was merely looking at two of the main staples of the Easter holiday season.

Easter Eggs

Just because we buy more marshmallow chicks than any other state leading into the Easter holiday, doesn't mean it's our overall favorite.

Another survey conducted by Instacart reveals which Easter candy is most popular overall for The Great Garden State, along with the most popular Easter candies across the country.

These are the best-selling Easter candies in America

Instacart looked at data leading up to the 2022 Easter holiday season to see which candies were the most popular across the nation, as well as which candies were top-sellers in each state.

Easter Egg/Basket Ideas for Children and Teens

There are limitless ideas of other items to place inside easter eggs, and it is not always geared towards the littles, teens, and tweens can still gain some enjoyment from this holiday tradition as well. Here are some ideas for all age ranges of things to pack inside those eggs!